Letters to the Editor 8-31-12



Lately, I have heard multiple comments of how the [Avalon] borough has gone downhill, and how the community isn’t the same. One particular comment was especially disheartening: “I can’t wait to move out of this ghetto.”

I was raised in Avalon, and chose to return many years ago. Yes, the borough has changed and not always for the better. However, negative opinion will not correct the problems, only action will. It was encouraging to see several citizens at the recent Avalon Borough Council meeting. This is a positive step, to bring the problems to the forefront and to hold the council accountable. But more needs to be done.

Citizens need to be involved. Talk without action accomplishes nothing. There are multiple opportunities to be an active part of our community -- youth sports and organizations, library, schools, quality of life group, churches or just take the extra steps to get to know your neighbors and help those who aren’t able to do for themselves. And try to look at the positive instead of focusing on the negative. Avalon has a great police department with a chief dedicated to the safety of the community, a DPW supervisor determined to clean up the town, community pool and parks, a public library with several new community programs, etc. Let’s all work together to make Avalon the best it can be.

Ruth Lloyd

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