Letters to the Editor 8-10-12



We live on our beautiful farm on Roosevelt Road in Kilbuck Township. Our community is protected by the Ohio Township Police, thank God.

On Thursday evening around 9 p.m., we had our uninsured, $10,000 Kawasaki, side-by-side, all-terrain vehicle stolen. I called 911 and in moments police cars came from both directions. They closely inspected the scene and found tracks in the dust leading out Roosevelt Road toward Ohio Township. After about an hour of looking for signs of the vehicle going off into the woods, I, along with neighbors and friends, called it quits. One of the Ohio Township officers said, as I headed home, "Don't worry, Mr. Stroyne. We'll find it." I thought that would take a miracle.

The next morning around 6 a.m. tracks were found in a puddle on a lane behind Riley's farm. About 100 yards across a field, down over the hill and in the woods, there it was, hidden. The ignition key was gone so the police were worried the crook would come back and move it, so they chained and locked it.

I'm not sure of the details, however, around 8 a.m., I was notified they caught the crook and he turned over my keys. It was over in less than 12 hours. The officer dropped off my keys, smiled and went on to his next assignment. Talk about a miracle.

The Ohio Township Police are a well-disciplined group of professionals that get the job done. We in Kilbuck Township are blessed with supervisors that understand that. If I were a crook, I'd stay far away from Kilbuck Township and those dedicated Ohio Township Police.

Our family couldn't be happier.

Ralph Stroyne
Kilbuck Township

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