Letters to the Editor 6-8-12



Over the past few years I've inquired of the lack of flags flown along our business district, to the disgrace of the condition of those flags that were displayed. And each time I spoke with someone on Bellevue Council regarding the same, I was assured that "by the next patriotic holiday" they will all be replaced and Bellevue will look brighter and better.

It was truly disappointing that when I went to see our colors being flown this past Memorial Day, not a single flag was to be seen. This is sad. It's funny, how we (Bellevue) can come up with money to do all sorts of other things (whether stupid or not), but this town can't afford to spend a measly few hundred dollars (even a thousand if need be) to show a little respect to our hometown veterans. What is happening to this community? And why?

Just to satisfy my desire to see and feel the honor of being a Vet, I drove through our neighboring communities and admired their heartfelt displays.

David W. Fodi

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