Letters to the Editor 6-22-12

Still No Flags


Thursday, June 14, was Flag Day. Did the powers that be in Bellevue not have that day on their calendar? I’m sure there are a plethora of excuses and I don’t want to hear any of them. Our American flag not being displayed in our borough on Flag Day is inexcusable, period.

My husband and I traveled up north to Zelienople for breakfast. As you descend from the little hill into Zelie borough, those stars and stripes were there to greet. Yes, they were on every meter post in their brackets, like they used to be in Bellevue.

On our way we stopped in West View, right down Route 19. They looked great waving in the wind with pride. Yes, up on the pole higher, but were still present.

After that errand, we came back this way via Avalon, and their flags were up the pole too and shown vividly amongst the green foliage.

We came back into Bellevue and... where were our flags? You dropped the ball on this one Bellevue, again. How disappointing. Thank goodness some Bellevue residents observed Flag Day.

My husband’s step-son, Charles Downey, lost his life in Vietnam, along with classmates from Bellevue High School, fighting for our freedoms we have today to raise our flag with pride, everyday.

How can the Bellevue Borough rebound from this error? The only flag we seen this week in Bellevue, other than some residents,’ were the stars and stripes with the Liberty Bell on the front page, left hand corner of our publication “The Citizen.” Thank goodness.

Sherry and Joe Schilling

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