Letters to the Editor



I would like congratulate the Sto Rox School Board for electing to attempt to raise the educational standards for their children in their school district. In case you have not heard, their school board has decided that students with a D in a core class will not be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities. This has caused outrage by many students and parents who feel the rule is too strict and unfair.

My husband and I addressed the Northgate School Board several years ago, when Northgate had chosen to up our standards to only two Fs, (not Ds) as opposed to the WPIAL standards of three Fs that still allows a student to participate in activities. At that time, we challenged that school board to be the first district to allow no Fs and raise our children’s standards. When we spoke, all members of the board at the time were certainly in agreement that no Fs seemed only sensible, considering this is an educational institution, but when the final vote occurred, not one member backed this decision, and we are still a district where 2 Fs is acceptable and students can still participate in extracurricular activities despite having failing grades.

When standards are low, some students will only achieve what they must. Did anyone notice that when Sto Rox set their strict standards, 24 athletes were ineligible to play football the first week? By week two, only 15 were ineligible. (By the way, Sto Rox won that game despite having ineligible players.) Seems like nine students got the hint, and raised their grades. It is possible.

Is it not better to raise the standards for the students to achieve?

I, again, challenge this new school board to raise our standards equivalent to Sto Rox, and set an example that our students can “rise to the occasion” when challenged to do so. Let’s put education first!

Barb Doscher

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