Letters to the Editor



Just because someone sent you a letter that tars 1.4 billion people on this planet are terrorists who want to wipe out all us “infidels,” was that cause for you to print it?

I am not a Muslim, but I note a number of our citizens in Bellevue - Avalon are from the Middle East and Near East, and are probably adherents of that religion. How do you think they feel after reading what was printed in your Aug. 20 “Letters to the Editor”? Some of them run little shops that carry your paper.

It was not that long ago that people were writing similar letters warning us about those evil Catholics.

The ethnic group in the country that was responsable for the most terrorism, the most genocide, the most intolerance in this country’s history was the White Anglo Saxon Protestant. From the first white settlers that killed the Native American and stole his land, from the first white slaves that raided the Gambia for Negro slaves, from the first plantation owner that worked his male Negro slaves to death and raped his female slaves, from the first Klansman all the way up to Timothy McVeigh, who blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, the leading terrorist group on this continent has been the WASP.

Mark Twain had it right. He wanted all the American Christian missionaries to return home and work among the white savages in this country.

Seeing that the editor is also an attorney, let me quote Thomas Jefferson: “I care not if the office holder be a Mohammedan, so long as he abides by the Constitution.”

And the words of Jesus the Christ: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Robert Skees

[Editor’s Note: Let us paraphrase the philosophy of Voltaire: While we may disapprove of what some people say, we will defend, to the death, their right to say it. Censorship does nothing more than turn the speaker into a martyr.]

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