Letters to the Editor



As a concerned citizen of Avalon I could not believe the headlines of the Aug. 6 Citizen: “Avalon decides risk is worth it.” I attended the meeting on Aug. 2, at which time many people spoke against the transfer of a liquor license from McKees Rocks to Avalon. I believe council had made up their mind long before the citizens attending the meeting arrived.

My concern is that this new sports and cigar bar is too close to our school, park and church. So many people tell me they do not take their children to our community park at the school because they feel it is so unsafe for different reasons. Is a bar going to help the situation?

Let’s be realistic, a bar is a bar. It does not matter if you wear a collared shirt and dress pants or jeans and a t-shirt. It has been stated that it is going to be an establishment where only collared shirts and dress pants will be allowed in as well as being 25 or older to enter. The bartender is only going to be 22 years old and...she is going to be at a disadvantage if only 25 and older is permitted and she will have to monitor the dress code. Also, since this is a sports bar, does that mean that a Steelers fan will not be permitted to enter the bar in their Steeler jersey?

In the end Avalon is not going to have any tax benefits to adding this establishment?

...[T]eacher[s] at Avalon Elementary or [anyone who lives] within 500 feet and are against this new bar [should] contact the PLCB and let them know how [they] feel on this issue. All letters must be sent in the next two weeks in order to be heard before it’s too late.

Jackie Yurkovich

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