Letters to the Editor 3-16-12



My family has been in Bellevue for the past 50 years and last year one sibling moved out due to concern about the conditions in her neighborhood. I’ve lived here again for the last 11 years and care very much about Bellevue’s current challenges and its future. Truthfully, the main reason I read The Citizen every week is to hear what’s positive and to look for signs of hope that Bellevue will survive.

Lately I’ve had more concern about that. There is a lot of change that’s needed if this great little town will make it economically and socially and I’m begging anyone who has anything to do with leadership in Bellevue to realize that organizations don’t grow and develop without it. Back in 1999, when I was studying at a local college, I also felt the resistance as we discussed how corporations, hospitals, small businesses, schools, etc., as “living organisms:” have to keep evolving and adapting to new dynamics, ideas, programs and models that prove to be more effective for the organization. In working for a hospital north of Pittsburgh for 16 years, I saw how that group had to constantly reinvent itself to remain a fine medical system.

Change often generates contention, gossip, and mistrust, and these can naturally result when change feels threatening to what has always been and how things were always done. But what made our community grow even just 15 years ago may not work now. Here in Bellevue we have lots of individuals who put themselves out there in leadership -- whether through the mayor’s office, the council, chamber of commerce, BIGr, Enjoy Bellevue, Allegheny Together, or church and civic organizations. Leadership is about taking risks to do what’s best for the people that are served in your leadership capacity, so that those people/communities will survive.

I’ve seen a lot of people do a lot for this borough and I’m very grateful. But I’m worried about the resistance to change, the fighting, and those negative reactions mentioned above that wee often hear and read about. Anyone in leadership in Bellevue has something positive to offer. Please look beyond what you’ve always done to see what we haven’t done yet here in Bellevue to promote the economic and community development. I don’t want to give up hope for this town. We have so much going for us and so much potential for prosperity. Can we work harder at working together so that it can solve our current problems and remain a vibrant community?
Christine Stroyne

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