Letters to the Editor



In the June 25 Citizen’s “This Week in Review” 25 years ago, you mentioned a scene being”....shot on Keswick Avenue...” in 1985 for the TV movie “Silent Witness.” Actually there were several scenes.
In 1971, my mother and I moved to the first floor of the house in that movie. In 1977, my husband and I moved to the house’s second floor. Two basic families were represented in that movie. Bertinelli’s scenes were shot in the kitchen of the first floor. I could hardly believe that the old 1930’s kitchen sink on legs was still in place. The story of the timid soul who was the victim, if I remember correctly, was filmed on the second floor. Her bedroom had been my husband’s and my living room.
By 1985 all of us had long since moved back to our present residence. I was so happy to see “the old place” but was stopped in my tracks when a shot of the stair landing window between the first and second floor showed in all their glory the very same draperies that we left behind in 1978. Now that’s what you call a low-budget movie.

Virginia Miranda

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