Letters to the Editor 2-17-12

Who Was Rescued?


I wanted to thank Connie Rankin for her article, "Rescue Me" (http://www.thecitizen.us/blog/rescue-me). She does a wonderful job of pointing out the dilemma that a lot of potential dog owners face when searching for the perfect match. Do I rescue, or do I find a breeder who has the type of dog I like most?

I hear too many stories of innocent animals being euthanized simply because shelters are overcrowded. Now, I'm not going to say that all breeders have bad intentions or that are the ones causing overcrowding of shelters, because that is certainly not the truth. But there are, however, those puppy mills where these owners care mostly about the money involved, and care nothing about the breed.

As Rankin points out, there are so many rescue sites not only for Great Danes, but all other breeds as well. Of course it's easier to look in the paper and find an ad for that fresh litter of Boxer pups that you've been dying to get. But consider the dogs that may be euthanized that day at a shelter due to overcrowding.

I urge everyone to search the internet, make calls, and put-in the leg work to find a dog that can be rescued, rather than bought. Once you get to know and love a shelter dog, you'll be wondering, "Who rescued who?"

Kristen Haslett

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