Letters to the Editor

Politics in Emsworth


I hope someone can explain to me how politics work in Emsworth, because I am not sure I follow right now. Council says they are voted there to serve the tax payers of the community, but are they?

As a candidate that applied for the open council seat I am not sure what more I could have done. In November I ran a late write-in campaign and got 150 votes. I have followed and discussed my thoughts of the very important sewage rate ordinance over the last couple of months along with the occupation tax and other issues, as well as attended a lot of council meetings. Maybe I would have been better served not running in the election, not coming to meetings, and not speaking at meetings on issues I feel are important and affect the tax payers.

With that being said, if council is elected to make the best decision for the residents of Emsworth, I think they dropped the ball. I am urging all Emsworth residents to attend meetings and keep council up to date how you feel about issues in the community and how OUR tax dollars are spent.

Kevin Yurkovich

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