Letters to the Editor 11-12-10

Still not appointed


For the second time in less than one year I was not appointed to the vacant seat on the Emsworth Council. I have now gone through two interviews, answered questions, and shown facts from the election in November of 2009. In that election I received 135 votes, which was 35 percent, as a write-in candidate. With that being said, if 135 voters think I can help council and contribute my thoughts and ideas, how do the six current council members overlook me both times?

Not only have I been passed up on twice, what hurts more is both now appointed council members had zero write-in votes and never attended a council meeting until the night they got sworn in. If these people are so qualified and devoted to the taxpayers of Emsworth, where were they until this point? What it looks like to me is that council has become more of a recruitment of friends than maybe who is more deser-ving of the open seat.

Again, I urge the voters of Emsworth next year to watch for my name on the ballot. I hope at some point I can earn my seat on council and show the taxpayers and residents of Emsworth what I can bring to the table.

Kevin Yurkovich

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