Letters to the Editor 10-28-11



I wanted to take the time to say thank you to someone whose name I do not know. There are many others who want to say thank you to him/her also. They are the folks who have participated in the design, continuing development and construction of the Bellevue Dog Woods dog park.

The folks who want to thank you are the people who volunteer every Saturday to work like fools to build a dog park for Bellevue and surrounding communities, to be used free of charge and built with no tax dollars. Others that want to say thanks are the gentleman who took a week's vacation to donate his time to run equipment, the lady whose dream it was to have a dog park and work to see it happen, the countless people who pulled money out of their pockets to donate to an organization that loves animals and wants a nice facility for everyone to enjoy, not to mention the folks who worked countless hours to get the donations. I am sure the man who donated the use of his backhoe and his time to run it wants to say thank you for destroying his property, after all, he does use this equipment as part of his livelihood.

Most of all I want to give you a special thanks for your vandalism, because, without you, I would not be able to appreciate as many of these people that I have mentioned. These local citizens have proven to be leaders of our communities and are willing to work and donate money to make all of our communities better. Maybe this could be a lesson in your life. You have cost us precious donated funds and have possibly set us back on our timeline, but when it is all said and done, the area will have a wonderful facility and you will not be remembered. Thank you again.

George Doscher
Mayor of Bellevue

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