Letters to the Editor 10-21-11



Yes, the Northgate football team is having their best season since apparently 2003. Yes, the team shows so much improvement on the field that they are actually enjoyable to watch. And yes, you now feel that you are getting your money’s worth when you go to a Friday night game.

But that is not what this letter is about. This letter is about the new coaching staff and their influence on our boys.

T.J. Wiley and his staff have turned out to be the best spent money that the Northgate school district has delivered in years. These coaches have given a new found respect for the game, but more importantly, these boys are learning the importance of discipline, respect, hard work, and most important of all-good grades. Mr. Wiley does not expect all of these, he demands it. The same can be said for his entire coaching staff. All fine men, with impressive resumes. Each and every one of them bringing their football talents, but especially, bringing their kind words of support to very vulnerable young men. These boys will be able to look back on their high school football program and be very proud that they were coached by these men with T.J. Wiley at the helm.

Please take the time to attend a Northgate game. The last home game is on Friday Oct. 28 at 7:30 pm. Watch the kids, watch their actions, but the real show is on the sidelines, where superb coaching is taking place. Only a little screaming (that's part of the game), and no ignoring the kid who didn't get the play just right -- just good, positive coaching.

George and Barb Doscher

[Editor’s note: We could not agree more! Having spent many hours on the sidelines with many regional teams over the last 10 years, I can say that the change in attitude among the Northgate players is not only remarkable, but should serve as inspiration for the entire student body. T.J. Wiley has instilled a sense of pride and respect in his players that clearly is not completely dependent on how well they play, but how they view themselves and the people around them. This promises to be a life-changing experience that will impact these kids in all walks of their future lives.]

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