Letters to the Editor 1-28-11


I just read in The Citizen that Emsworth has to pay an engineering firm $29,496.80 for plans that are not able to be used for a bridge. My question is,what are the council members thinking?
Emsworth hired Ammann & Whitney to make plans to build a bridge over the creek. When submitted to PennDOT they were deemed unsafe and turned down. Instead of Emsworth paying the bill, would it not be a good idea to go back to the firm and have them redraw designs that would be sufficient for the bridge? I am not sure where council thinks the borough has an extra $30,000 laying around, but these bogus and large bills have to stop. If the firm did not do enough research to make sure the plans would work, then that company should not be paid. Anyone could draw up plans that would not work and then bill the borough.
When will this nonsense of just paying money stop? The current council needs to start asking questions instead of just voting yes and paying money.
My only thought to how this could happen is, maybe changing the pop machine outside the borough building from Pepsi to Coke was more important that month.
Priorities, council, priorities.
Kevin Yurkovich

When I first moved to Avalon in 2008, I am amazed by the number of parking meters within a two block radius of the Bellevue city hall that often do not work, including Lincoln boulevard, side streets and municipal parking lots.
Last week after parking in the lot across from the fire station entrance, I put a quarter in an expired meter, then (not really to my surprise) the meter read “fail.” I was not going to put another quarter in the meter and lose 50 cents! I proceeded to take care of business at The Citizen newspaper office which overlooks the parking lot and kept the corner of my eye on my car. No meter maid approached, which I found unusual as I often see her diligently checking the meters. However, if I were to have received a ticket, I would have fought the fine even thought it is only $2.
But this was not the first time, nor will it be the last time, that a Bellevue parking meter takes my or other drivers' money. I have better luck losing my money in these "one arm meter bandits" than I do by the slots machines at Rivers Casino! Isn't there some way that the meter maid or someone in authority can periodically check the meters to see if they are operating properly as she tickets cars?
In closing, I recommend that Avalon Borough hire the Bellevue meter maid part-time Monday through Friday to patrol California Avenue, especially on the block where Avalon Drugs is located, and ticket all of the cars parked illegally all day, every day, every week, every month, thereby enabling those of us who need to find a convenient parking space to patronize local Avalon businesses.
Paul A. Fronczek
[Editor’s Note: Meter fines in Bellevue are $5.]

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