Letters to the Editor 1-14-11

Protest garbage fees


Many...may have read an article in a November edition of The Citizen that Avalon Borough was behind $80,000 in unpaid garbage bills as far back as 2008. I attend the monthly council meetings and at the meeting I asked how we could be so far behind on the garbage bill and for this long and not know about it. No one had an answer except that times are hard for so many people and unemployment is high. My other question was, did they contact these people and ask them to start a payment plan of any type to assist in paying the overdue bill?

In The Citizen distributed on Dec. 24 it had an article on the front page "Avalon to raise fees not taxes." I questioned a member on council to see if this was to cover the unpaid bills of the past two years and was told that is not the case. I was told that the increase was because the hauling company was now charging more. After further investigation, found out this was nothing but a lie. For 2011 Waste Management did increase the fee, but the new fee per household is $162.50 not $200. If the new price is $162.50, why are we being charged $200? When asked if the increase was going to be used to cover the cost for those who don't pay, it seemed to be the case.

How do the elected officials think it is right to ask the homeowners who pay their bill timely to pay additional amount to cover for those who do not pay their bill? David Dixon was the only council member at the Dec. 30 meeting to vote against this ridiculous motion. By collecting an extra $34.50 from those who pay timely we are going to support garbage collection for those households who choose not to pay their bill.

Everyone should also know that the 10 percent discount that we are offered will still not even be reflected on the price of $162.50. They are taking the discount from the $200 which would lower (the) bill to $180 which is still more than the $162.50 that the company is charging the borough.

I would like to see all homeowners attend the Jan. 18 council meeting at 7:30 p.m. at the borough hall so we can let our elected officials know how we feel about this increase. If we are being over-billed on our trash collection, what else are we being over-charged for?

Jackie Yurkovich


So, Avalon Borough has raised the fee for garbage collection to $200 (Avalon adapts budget, garbage fee, The Citizen, Jan. 7, 2011.)

The reason given for raising the fee to $200, to me, is questionable, as stated in the article, the contract fee per household was $162. But Council member [Vicki] Donnelly stated the rate needed to be $200 to make up for those who don’t pay the fee.

I wonder: 1. Do these non-payers still get their garbage collected? (They must, or we’d have a real mess here in Avalon!)

2. Does Avalon Borough keep attempting to get payment? How?

3. If more people can’t or don’t pay the $200 fee, will the rest of us then have to pay an even higher fee next year? Where will it stop?

Thanks to council member [Dave] Dixon for questioning this increase and placing his negative vote.

I’d really be interested in answers to the above.

Lori Woods

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