In the future, when North Boroughs residents use the words “Lennon” and “police” in the same sentence, they may not be talking about former Kilbuck Township Police Chief Jack Lennon. Instead, they may be referring to his grandson, and namesake, John Lennon, who was sworn in as a Bellevue Police officer Tuesday evening. Bellevue Police Chief Matt Sentner said that the new officer graduated with high scores from the Allegheny County Police Academy in 2009, worked part-time for McKees Rocks for a few months, then went to work for Duquesne (the town, not the university), where he was employed as a police
officer until earlier this month. A North Hills native and graduate of Shaler High School, Lennon also attended Community College of Allegheny County and Bethany College in West Virginia. He is the second of two officers hired by the borough this summer, thanks to federal funding that will pay his salary for the next couple years.

Photo by Connie Rankin for The Citizen

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