Landlord fees

The owner of rental property in Avalon complained to the borough council at their Dec. 14 meeting that inspection fees were getting way too high.

The owner told council that in addition to the annual registration fees, landlords have to pay for inpections of their units every other year. The rate per unit was $25 when the practice began in 2002, he said, and increased to $35 in 2013. This year, he said, he will pay $75 per unit inspection.

He accused the borough of blindly passing on fees set by the firm conducting the inspections without negotiating to get a better price for landlords.

Council president Josh Klicker said that the borough would request proposals from other companies once the current contract has ended. Borough manager Lorraine Makatura said that should happen in 2018.

Later in the meeting, council approved the advertisement of an ordinance that will require annual fire safety inspections of all commercial properties, including those that are residential.