Lack of Attendance was Sad


As a past member of Emsworth Council, a citizen of the community, and most importantly, the daughter of a veteran, I would like to express my sincere and deep sorrow regarding the noticeable empty seats at our memorial service. Where were the elected officials? This is a day for remembering the service and sacrifices made by our veterans.

As it is not a requirement to march in the Memorial Day parades or attend the memorial services that are planned, I think it would behoove our elected officials, as well as all the members of our communities to think twice about not attending. Our veterans fought for us, died for us, to give us the freedoms to make the choices to sit on councils, boards, work, play and enjoy our lives with our families and friends. The least we owe them is 30 minutes of one day of the year to honor their service and their memories.

To see all of those empty seats this year was just so very, very sad. Yes, I understand that several members of council were in attendance at the parade and the service. But I understand that they did not want to sit in those special seats because of something another councilman did. And that councilman happened to honor us with being the Speaker. Grow up! Whatever was done in the past should have nothing to do with honoring our men and women on Memorial Day. Nothing!

And for the other communities whose elected officials did not show up? Shame on [them]! I saw one new member of Ben Avon Council at the service and I think he was unaware that he was invited to sit on the field.

Jennie-Lynn Knox

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