Kindergarten change

Northgaste School District superintendent Caroline Johns told school board members at their June 19 meeting the administrators would like to change the initial contact the district has with incoming kindergarten students and their parents.

Administrators want the first contact to be “warm and friendly,” Johns said, which was accomplished last year with a spaghetti dinner held for students, parents and teachers and administrators. Children were much more comfortable in this type of setting, Johns said.

Another proposed change is when children are assessed, which currently occurs in the spring. Johns said this fails to cover students who enroll during the summer, and also fails to take into account changes that have occurred in the summer months that may affect a student's education. She recommended that student assessment be conducted at the start of the school year. Classes in the upcoming school year begin on a Thursday, she said, which means that kindergarten students could come in with their parents by appointment on Thursday and Friday, and then immediately return home. Their first day of class would be Monday, with parents returning for a picnic at 2 p.m.

Administrators will continue to develop the proposed changes.