Kilbuck looks at drilling ordinance

With local property owners being approached to allow natural gas drilling, the Kilbuck Township Supervisors have approved the introduction of an ordinance that will put restrictions and regulations in place.

Township secretary Harry Dilmore said that the township’s zoning code already restricts drilling to a limited number of parcels, most of which are conservation lands that are unlikely to host the drilling operation required to obtain natural gas from the Marcellus Shale.

The proposed ordinance reiterates those zoning restrictions and also regulates any future drilling, including requiring bonds and other safety precuations to protect the township and its residents.

The introduction of the ordinance will allow the township to halt any immediate drilling under the “pending ordinance” doctrine, Dilmore said, until a final ordinance is adopted.

Dilmore said that the township’s planning commission will review the proposed ordinance at a meeting next week, and ultimately the supervisors will vote on the regulations.

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