Keep an eye on packages being delivered

Bellevue Police are warning residents to be vigilant about packages being delivered to their homes.

Monday, Nov. 26 is “Cyber Monday,” and because thieves may be preparing to take advantage of the holiday shopping season, police are encouraging on-line shoppers to take precautions when having items delivered.

One suggestion is to pick up delivered packages immediately or ask a neighbor to collect them. Most UPS, USPS, and FedEx deliveries have tracking ser-vices, so one has a good idea when the order will arrive.

Another recommendation is to have the package delivered to you at work where you can accept it immediately.

Security cameras, according to the police, are a tried and true deterrent for all manner of criminal behavior. Posting security signs warning of video surveillance or security alarms may also be a deterrent.

Bellevue Police ask that if you see anything suspicious in your neighborhood this holiday season, contact 9-1-1.