K-9 funding needed

Avalon Police Chief Tom Kokoski approached the Northgate School Board last week, asking that district officials consider sharing the cost of a police dog that would become a full-time part of the Avalon Police Department.

Kokoski said that he has $10,000 in funds available, but needs another $15,000 to cover the cost of the K-9 and training. Avalon applied for a grant to fund the program, but its application was denied, Kokoski said.

The chief said that the dog could be used extensively in the school district for everything from locker sweeps that could identify the location of narcotics to public relations with the younger students. He said that in addition to the dog becoming part of Avalon’s efforts to fight crime, he anticipated that it would be used in Bellevue as well.

When a board member suggested some type GoFundMe effort, Kokoski said that he was reluctant to accept large donations from private citizens because he did not want anyone to think that they would receive preferential treatment simply because they had donated.