Job description update

Bellevue officials knew what they wanted in an employee to replace finance clerk Ann Moss, who recently resigned, but unfortunately the borough’s personnel code had never been updated to reflect the new job duties and skill requirements.

The borough recently advertised a job opening for a financial clerk that required the applicant to have a bachelor’s degree in business administration and at least three years of experience in finance in the public sector. Director of Administrative Services Ron Borczyk said the job duties had expanded greatly while the position was held by Moss because of her skills.

The borough’s home rule charter requires that all positions first be included in a personnel code or system.Although council apparently agreed on an updated description for the finance position several years ago, the changes never were formally accepted as part of the personnel code.

At Tuesday’s pre-council meeting, officials voted unanimously to hold a public hearing on the amendment of the personnel code to include the position of “finance administrator.”

The hearing will be held at 6:45 p.m., prior to the Feb. 26 regular council meeting. The code then must be amended by ordinance.