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Area officials are appointed and resign

Barely 24 hours after Bellevue Council appointed a new third ward representative, Emsworth Council accepted the resignation of one of their own.

Lynn Tennant Heffley was chosen in a unanimous vote by Bellevue Council Tuesday to fill the third ward council seat left vacant when Mark Panichella resigned after two years on council.

A lifelong resident of Bellevue who lives on North Jackson Avenue, Heffley is a teacher at Bellevue Elementary School.

At the request of Mayor George Doscher, council parted with past tradition of nominating and voting on a single candidate. After Heffley was nominated by fellow third ward council member Jim Scisciani, Mark Helbling, also representing the third ward, nominated Hugh Burns. Council members commented that both Heffley and Burns were very qualified for the position.

Heffley was sworn in by Doscher and immediately took her seat on council.

In Emsworth the next evening, council member Dan Lenz waited until the end of the regular meeting to resign his position, which council accepted in a unanimous vote.

Lenz’s resignation came on the heels of an arrest for driving under the influence the week before, the second time he has been arrested by Ohio Township Police this year. His earlier arrest came during a violent domestic at his Camp Horne Road residence.

Lenz read from a prepared statement in which he apologized for his “lack of good judgment” and lashed out at the media.

“Putting council and borough staff on the hot seat for my actions is unacceptable to me,” Lenz said. He thanked the people of Emsworth for allowing him to serve on council for the last two and a half years.

Fully half of the one-page statement was devoted to criticizing the newspapers and television stations that had reported his arrests.

“As for the news reporting agencies, the way you twisted and turned words to create the best hype, it seemed you were all jockeying for #1 rating position, with little to no regard to my feelings,” he stated.

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