Housing appeal expected

Bellevue Borough solicitor Matt Racunas told council and residents at Tuesday’s pre-council meeting that the owner of rowhouses on Laurel and Gilliland avenues is expected to appeal the borough’s determination that the houses are not being used in compliance with their single family dwelling occupancy permit.

All 46 units were leased to the Zero Six Eight corporation, which recently began renting rooms in the houses as part of a transitional housing program intended to provide safe accommodations to various people, including those with mental health problems, disabled veterans, victims of domestic violence and people involved with Zero Six Eight’s employment training and opportunity program for the “formerly incarcerated.”

Racunas said that his determination that the units were in violation of their occupancy permit was based on the transient nature of the tenants, who have month-to-month leases, the possibilty of the tenants not living as a “single family unit” as defined by law, and the for-profit nature of the program.

The solicitor said that an appeal first would be heard by Bellevue’s zoning hearing board, and if denied, could continue through the court of common pleas and state appellate courts.