Emergency repairs

Council member Ken Opipery presented an invoice to Ben Avon Council at Monday's meeting for emergency sewer repairs that had been done at the corner of Church and Forest avenues. The invoice, from State Pipe & Supply Inc., was for $11,940, and payment was unanimously approved by council.

Henry Casale asked about setting up a pre-approval system whereby if an emergency situation happened in the future, the invoice could be paid immediately, then brought before council at the next meeting – so that payment to the company would not be delayed. Opipery acknowledged that the invoice from State Pipe came in the day after the previous meeting. Mayor Melanie Holcomb asked how often such situations arise, and he replied "Never."

Despite that, Opipery suggested a committee of himself, as public works chair, along with the engineer and public works foreman Dale Regrut, be set up to review and approve such invoices. Casale made a motion to authorize immediate payment of up to $20,000 for emergency work, which was unanimously approved by council.

Opipery also made a motion to move $535,000 from the general fund to the capital fund to pay for scheduled road repairs this summer. He reminded council that at the end of each year, the borough sets aside any extra funds in the budget specifically for community projects in the form of infrastructure improvements, etc. The motion passed unanimously.