Eicher repair

Eicher Road in Emsworth will soon be improved, with Emsworth Borough “piggy-backing” on a contract already awarded by Kilbuck Township.

Kilbuck Township has negotiated with a company to have a PennDOT-approved process conducted on the township’s portion of Eicher Road. A motion was made at the June Emsworth Council meeting to have the Emsworth section of Eicher similarly-improved at the same time.

Council member Paul Getz said he had discussed the work with Kilbuck Township officials and obtained an estimate for the Emsworth section of Eicher, from the “Y” to Camp Horne Road. The process to be used is much-less expensive than regular asphalting, and is suitable for roads with low volume traffic. No milling is conducted. First the cracks are cleaned and sealed, then emulsion is applied, and then a fabric-like material is laid down. The procedure adds about one-half to three-quarters of an inch to the existing road surface.

The motion to approve the project, at a cost not to exceed $18,032, for repair of the Emsworth portion of Eicher Road, was passed unanimously by the four council members in attendance at the June 14 meeting: Brian Fashian, Dan Lenz, Jolene Bennett and Paul Getz.