Driveway parking

Bellevue officials will keep the public works department painting yellow lines at the entrances to driveways, even though the "no parking" rule suggested by the lines cannot be legally enforced.

Public works committee chair Jane Braunlich reported at Tuesday's pre-council meeting that both the police and DPW had recommended that the painting be stopped because the law requires a sign be posted if police are to write tickets for parking along a yellow line. Some residents have been repainting the lines themselves, Braunlich said, and police want that practice to stop as well.

Officials, however, were concerned that some residents may have trouble getting out of their driveways without some way of keeping parked vehicles clear. Mayor George Doscher suggested that the borough keep painting the lines, even though the parking prohibition cannot be enforced because of a "technicality." Doscher said that the yellow paint could indicate "courtesy lines" instead.

Officials also agreed, however, that the lines would be painted after other, more pressing, areas were addressed by the DPW.