DPW supervisor hired

After many months without a supervisor, Bellevue’s public works department should have a new person in charge by the end of the month.

Todd Giammatteo was hired by Bellevue Council at its pre-council meeting on Tuesday.

Giammatteo, of Gibsonia, is a volunteer firefighter and EMT for Richland Township, and since 1992 has worked for Allegheny Installations, Cement Masons Local 526, as a foreman.

Although council approved of the choice of Giammatteo for the job, council member Linda Woshner objected to the lack of input from council on the proposed salary he will be paid. DPW chair Henry Lenard said that the committee had decided on an annual salary of $59,000, increasing to $61,000 after Giammatteo successfully completes a 90-day probationary period. Woshner noted that the salary was some $23,000 more than what was paid to the previous supervisor. Council member Kathy Coder confirmed the increase, but said that the prior supervisor had offered to work for less money because he was retired, and that the proposed salary is in line with what the borough has paid other supervisors in the past.

After an excutive session to discuss the salary, council returned to chambers to vote on the motion, at which point Woshner said that she would be voting against the proposal because of the salary, and called the other members of council “rubber stamps” who did
not question committee recommendations.

“I am not a rubber stamp,” Woshner said.

This earned her a rebuke from council president Lynn Tennant Heffley, who said that all members of council needed to stop calling each other names just because their opinions differed.

“We need to respect one another,” Heffley said.