Demographic study

The Avonworth School Board is discussing whether a new demographic study of the district could provide valuable information.

During Monday night’s work session, board members discussed the possibility of hiring a demographer to study the district in order to provide a calculated prediction of “what is coming and what future enrollment will be.”

Demographers study populations and use statistics to determine an area’s likely future composition. Knowing the numbers and ages, as well as other characteristics of the district’s population, can assist the administration in planning to meet future needs.

The last time a demographic study of the Avonworth District was done was in 2006. Superintendent Tom Ralston said the current student population has exceeded what was predicted at that time.

The administration was requested to conduct further research to see what demographers other districts have used, whether those districts were happy with the results and found them to be accurate, as well as probable costs of conducting such a demographic study.