Council struggles with resolutions

The July 7 Bellevue Council meeting dissolved into confusion as officials found themselves ill-equipped to deal with a number of resolutions.

Council member Jane Braunlich was the only official who objected to the fact that not only had council never received copies of the pending resolutions, which she said was in violation of the borough’s administrative code, but that none of the resolutions had been advertised in advance as required by a recent ordinance.

Solicitor Michael Georgalas said that he had never been directed to draft a resolution to hire Joe Faulisi as a police officer. Council nonetheless voted to hire the new officer, which could be confirmed by the proper resolution at council’s August meeting.

Council also voted to approve tax refunds normally authorized by resolution, as well as a measure urging the Allegheny County Health Department to up-date air quality guidelines.

A resolution appointing Jim Scisciani to the borough’s civil service commission was not addressed after director of administrative services Connie Flasher said she believed such a resolution had been approved at a prior meeting. The borough advertised for applicants for the seat on May 15, with applications accepted until May 22. The resolution was not advertised and not on the agenda for council’s only interim meeting, held June 2.

The only resolution actually in council’s possession at the time of the July 7 meeting, to hire Ryan Earling as a replacement lifeguard, was approved in a unanimous vote.