Computers for council

An effort to cut down on the reams of paper used to keep Bellevue’s elected officials informed could involve taxpayers buying laptop computers for at least five officials.

Police Chief Matt Sentner, who handles IT for the borough, came up with a plan that would make technology more accessible to officials and administrators during meetings, enhancing wifi capabilities in the council chambers and establishing an upgraded work station for director of administrative services Ron Borczyk in the chambers that would allow him to access information immediately.

As part of that plan. it also was proposed that laptop computers be purchased for elected officials. Officials currently are able to access documents through a borough Share Point program, but few of them do so during meetings at the borough hall. Instead, packets of hard copy documents are delivered to council members.

A printer would be installed in council chambers so that any officials who wanted to could print a hard copy of any documents.

The laptops would play a similar role to that of the netbooks purchased by the borough for council a couple years ago, also in an attempt to cut down on paper use and staff time dedicated to making copies. Council president Mark Helbling, however, said that the netbooks did not work well. Borzcyk said that some of them had never been returned to the borough.

The laptops would be available to officials to take outside the borough hall.

Borzcyk polled council members as to who would need to have a laptop purchased for them. Among those requesting a laptop were Mayor Paul Cusick and council members Henry Lenard, Mark Helbling and Lynn Tennant-Heffley. Declining the invitation were council members Linda Woshner, Matt Senvisky and Kathy Coder. Council members Vence Menosky and Frank Camella were absent. Jim Scisciani said he would come to the borough hall and get hard copies of documents.