Coaches hired

Assuming spring weather will eventually arrive, the Avonworth School board prepared at their Feb. 11 meeting by approving a number of coaches for the 2018-19 spring sports:

Dan Pomposelli as varsity baseball head coach; Andy Maddix as assistant varsity baseball coach; Scott Gustic as junior varsity baseball head coach; Jake Filipowski as junior varsity assistant coach; Blake Hoskins as a volunteer; Brian Miller as middle school baseball head coach; and Ryan Gracey as 7/8 baseball volunteer.

Jenna Muncie as varsity softball head coach; Bill Kuban as 7/8 softball head coach; and Alexandra Kleer and Stefanie Wiegand each as 7/8 half-time assistant coaches.

Brian Hoffman as track & field head coach; Brian Veshio and Frank Nesko as track & field assistant coaches; and Carolyn Binnig as a track & field volunteer.

Steve Tinker as middle school track head coach; Julie Raitano as middle school track assistant coach; and John Geisler as a middle school volunteer assistant.

Doug Vandervort as middle school volleyball head coach and Melissa Costantino as middle school volleyball assistant coach.

Shannon Zangas as high school track & field volunteer and Joe Witek as middle school track & field volunteer.