Car shot in Bellevue drive-by

Bellevue Police are calling a drive-by shooting that occurred on Lincoln Avenue Tuesday afternoon a "transient event" not substantially connected to the borough.

The victim of the shooting at this point appears to be a gray Oldsmobile, as both young men in the car fled the scene on foot and have not yet been located.

The incident was reported at 2:10 p.m. According to Bellevue Police Chief Matt Sentner, the driver of a newer model white Dodge Durango began firing shots at the Olds ahead of him while both were traveling on Grant Avenue approaching Lincoln. The Olds wrecked into a truck at the intersection, with both vehicles ending up on the sidewalk across from Grant.

Coming so close to school dismissal times, area schools were notified to keep students inside for a short time until police ensured that the neighborhood was safe.

Sentner said that bullet casings were found in Grant and Lincoln, and both the Olds and the hillside of the adjacent property had been hit by shots.

The driver of the Durango made a right turn onto Lincoln Avenue from Grant, and continued traveling towards the City of Pittsburgh.

The driver/shooter has been described as a thin black male in his early twenties, possibly bald, wearing a dark coat and possessing a black semiautomatic handgun. The occupants of the Oldsmobile were two black males in their late teens, who ran up Lincoln Avenue towards the business district.

Police are still attempting to identify the shooter and the victims. According to Sentner, bullets and fingerprints were obtained during a search of the vehicle, and interviews of witnesses produced a video of the males running from the scene, shot by the occupant of a nearby apartment building. A "person of interest" has been identified, but police cannot yet confirm that he is the shooter.

Sentner said that neither vehicle was registered to a local resident. "The information obtained from neighboring departments and other sources supports our original belief that this was a transient event and the involved parties do not appear to reside or have connections to Bellevue Borough," the chief said.

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