Ben Avon paving

Ben Avon Council member Ken Opipery reported at Tuesday’s regular council meeting that all of the paving has been completed on the borough's roads, but there is a problem with a "swimming pool" at the intersection of Brighton Road and Belle Riviere Court.

Opipery said the work overall had been very good, but the asphalt wasn't laid properly in this area and the water has been accumulating when it rains.

He was asked if the problem could wait until spring to be fixed and he replied no, it would turn into an ice skating rink in the cold months. "It's dangerous and I've already heard complaints about it," he said.

He added that he hopes to have the work done soon, although, generally, the week of Thanksgiving is considered to be the last suitable one for laying asphalt.

Opipery said he would like to withhold payment to the company until the job is completed, but the borough may need to provide some "good faith" money up front. Council voted unanimously to permit the borough to pay up to $160,000 of the $304,227 total cost up front, if necessary.