Ben Avon budget

On a second pass-through of the Ben Avon budget, council member Ken Opipery said he was able to make some adjustments and bring it into balance without raising taxes. He said he noticed some extra money that was no longer needed for salaries, and even though he bolstered the cost for some of the utilities, he was able to set it at $1,221,168 -- more than $12,000 lower than last year's.

The budget lists total tax revenue income of $965,400, the majority coming from $521,000 in current real estate tax collections, along with $380,200 in current earned income tax. The estimate for major sources of non-tax revenue is $255,768.

Highlights of expenses are estimated administration costs, mainly for salaries, of $167,415. The police service contract with Ohio Township is $281,500. The public works total is $243,720 for salaries and other expenses, such as road salt and equipment. The anticipated total for road repairs, and sewer inspections and repairs, is $198,000, down from $222,970 in 2018; plus $90,400 for fire and other public safety services; and $59,120 for utilities and maintenance for buildings and property -- an increase from $55,550 from last year.

Council voted unanimously to advertise the bud-get and will vote on it at the Dec. 11 meeting. Earl Bohn was absent. A copy will be available in the borough office for anyone who would like to review it in its entirety, and residents can submit comments to council. Opipery pointed out that changes can still be made to the budget, but unless the revisions are substantial, it will not have to be advertised again.