Bellevue swears in two new police officers

Bellevue's newest police officers are, at front from left, James D. Dold and Aaron P. Nutter. Pictured from left at rear are Mayor George Doscher and Chief Matt Sentner. The officers were sworn in by the mayor Monday evening at the Bellevue borough building. Photo by Connie Rankin for The Citizen

Bellevue’s two newest police officers are wrapping up the details that will put them on the streets of Bellevue within the next two weeks.

The pair were sworn in Monday by Mayor George Doscher.

James D. Dold, 32, is returning to the North Boroughs with his family after working as a police officer in the city of Durham, NC. A graduate of the criminal justice program at Community College of Allegheny County, he also completed training at the Durham police academy.

This will be the first police job for Aaron P. Nutter, 23, originally from Mt. Pleasant. He also is a police academy graduate, and holds a four-year degree in criminal justice from the University of Pittsburgh.

Bellevue Police Chief Matt Sentner is happily anticipating the law enforcement programs that can be implemented with increased manpower in the department. Bellevue’s bicycle patrol officers will be returning to the streets in the near future, and Sentner also looks forward to Bellevue Police being able to conduct more criminal investigations rather than turning them over to an overloaded Allegheny County Police department.

It won’t stop there, however.
“The sky’s the limit now,” Sentner said.

Bellevue is losing longtime Sgt. Richard Czapko to retirement this week, but council expects to hire an officer to replace him at the July council meeting.