Bellevue to readvertise civil service commission seat

Bellevue council decided, at its regular meeting on May 5, to readvertise for applicants for an appointment to the Civil Service Commission, after declining to select the only person who filed an application on time.

Council member Jane Braunlich made a motion to appoint Jim Scisciani, who was the only one who met the March 13 deadline. That motion was seconded by Lisa Blaney-Stewart and it went to a vote. The motion failed by a vote of 7-2, with council members Blaney-Stewart, David Gillingham Jr., Mark Helbling, Mike Kutchsbach, Jerry Walters, council president Kathy Coder and Steve Mosolansky voting against, and only Braunlich and Linda Woshner voting to appoint Scisciani.

According to director of administrative services Connie Flasher, the other applications were received on April 3 and April 7, while Scisciani's was in on March 12. The other applications reportedly were received from Hugh Burns and Barb Doscher.

Walter said that he wanted to postpone the appointment because he thought council should not pick someone just because there was only one person to pick from, and thought that council should consider a number of candidates.

Woshner said that she felt Scisciani was quite capable of serving on the commission, but said that she would like to have other people to consider.

"Believe me, I would like to have other people to choose from," Woshner said. Woshner also noted, however, that there was a deadline, and that the applicants who filed late knew that.

Mayor George Doscher then made a suggestion to readvertise for the position, which was made a motion by Blaney-Stewart and seconded by Jerry Walter. The motion to readvertise for the position with a new deadline of May 30, was approved by a vote of 7-2, with Braunlich and Woshner opposed.

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