Bellevue Police arrest break-in suspect

Jacob Seth Hines

Bellevue Police think they may have solved a series of vehicle break-ins reported over the last two weeks with the arrest Oct. 9 of a 22-year-old homeless man.

Police have charged Jacob Seth Hines with two counts of theft from a motor vehicle, three counts of receiving stolen property, and one count of criminal attempt.

Police say that an employee of Classic Chevrolet leaving work about 9:15 p.m. reported observing a male entering several vehicles in the 500 block of Teece Avenue. He provided police with a description of the man. Officers found three open vehicles, the contents of which had been strewn about inside and outside of the vehicles.

Sgt. Matt Lucas was searching the area for the suspect when he reported seeing a male matching the description given by the witness entering a business on Lincoln Avenue. He stopped the man later identified as Hines, and says that Hines gave him permission to search the black bag he was carrying. Lucas reported immediately seeing a prescription bottle bearing the name of one of the owners of the vehicles that had been entered on Teece.

Hines was placed under arrest, and a later search of the items in his possession revealed clothing that had been stolen from another of the vehicles that night, along with a credit card known to have been stolen from a break-in the week before.