Bellevue parking

Bellevue motorists can go back to parking the way they have been for decades, as the recent ticketing of vehicles parked against traffic on two-way streets has been limited to high traffic and danger areas.

Mayor Emily Marburger said that the original plan was for police to issue warnings to drivers who were parked in violation of a state law that requires a vehicle’s right tire to be parked no less than 12 inches from the curb. Those warnings were to be limited to double-lined two-way streets in the borough, where traffic is generally heavier and cars pulling out into oncoming traffic is likelier to occur.

Wires were crossed somewhere along the line, however, and police officers instead were instructed to issue tickets borough-wide under a law that had not been enforced in decades. The public’s response to the tickets issued last Thursday was swift and unpleasant. By the end of the day, Marburger had announced that the tickets would be dismissed.

Police Chief Matt Sentner and the mayor confirmed at Tuesday’s council meeting that they would be going back to the original plan for the immediate future.