Bellevue looks at timeclock system

Bellevue Council is expected to vote next week on a $15,000 expenditure of capital improvement funds to install and implement a biometric scan timeclock system.

The system would be set up for every department and provide electronic data that would go directly to the borough’s financial clerk to simplify payroll, currently tracked on paper.

The BioScan timeclock will use various devices to report to a central server. According to council members Jane Braunlich and Susan Viscusi, administrative employees at the borough hall will actually use a machine that reads their fingerprints, while police officers will log in on a computer in their department.

In addition to simplifying payroll, the system also will provide the borough with a record of who is on the clock and who is not.

Mayor George Doscher, speaking at Tuesday’s pre-council meeting, suggested trying the system in one department for a while before spending $15,000 for borough-wide timeclocks.

Is there a rampant need for them?” he asked.

Braunlich said that the borough recently was forced to pay the former director of administrative services $6,000 for unused sick and vacation days because there was no record that he had taken days off, although officials believed that he had.

“It’s really just a matter of accountability,” said council member Lynn Tennant Heffley.

Council members said that the system to be purchased had been recommended by the police chief and the financial clerk, although Braunlich asked that the interim DAS research whether it could be bought at a lower price.

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