Bellevue Hirings

Bellevue Council has announced plans to hire possibly two new full-time employees and a number of temporary summer employees.

The Borough has advertised a full-time position as laborer in the Dept. of Public Works (DPW), as well as another as assistant code enforcement officer. Neither position is new, but has become vacant in recent months. The DPW Committee report presented at the pre-Council meeting on April 28 noted that although the laborer position has been advertised, "the decision whether to hire an employee [is] put on hold for the time being."

The DPW Committee also reported that the Borough will hire only five or six temporary laborers this summer, which was described as "a couple less" than are usually hired.

Meanwhile, one Council member is pushing for swimming pool employees to be guaranteed pay even if they do not work because of inclement weather. Council member Joe Kovacs wants lifeguards and other pool employees to be compensated when they are sent home or cannot work on rainy days. The report of the Parks and Recreation Committee presented at the pre-Council meeting noted that this could create budgetary problems.

In the Police Dept., it was reported that Chief Mike Bookser has asked to hire a new meter attendant without advertising the availability of the position. According to Safety Committee chairman Ron Deer, the Chief has identified a person he would like to hire, although the person’s application was not submitted within the time limits advertised in the past. Deer said the Committee has requested an opinion from the Borough solicitor as to whether the person can be hired.

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