Bellevue elects new president

NEW BELLEVUE officials are, from left: seated, Mayor Paul Cusick, Council president Mark Helbling and vice presidenty Lynn Tennant-Heffley; standing, council members Vencent Menosky, Matt Senvisky, Kathy Coder and Henry Lenard. Photo by Connie Rankin for The Citizen

Three brand new council members, a new mayor, and a new council president and vice president have started the year in Bellevue, where there also will be a change in the monthly meeting schedule.

Henry Lenard, Vencent Menosky and Matt Senvisky took the oath of office for Bellevue Council Monday night along with re-elected incumbents Kathy Coder and Lynn Tennant-Heffley. Also sworn in were the new mayor Paul Cusick, re-elected tax collector Joe Nolan, and his son, Michael Nolan, who was elected on write-in votes to become the borough’s auditor.

There were no contests when it came time to elect a president and vice president of council. Veteran council member Mark Helbling was elected president in a unanimous vote, as was Lynn Tennant-Heffley as vice president.

The night’s biggest discussion came over when to hold meetings. For the past two years, council has held committee meetings on the fourth Tuesday of the month, the pre-council work session on the first Tuesday of the next month, and the regular council meeting on the second Tuesday. That schedule has been changed to allow for more time between the pre-council and regular council meetings. In 2014, committee meetings will be held on the first Tuesday, pre-council on the second Tuesday, and the regular council meeting on the fourth Tuesday.

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