Avalon Police News

On Jan. 12, a vehicle slid off the roadway onto the curb and into a row of shrubs near the intersection of South Birmingham and Orchard streets. Police say snow-covered roads were the cause of the mishap.

On Jan. 14, a traffic accident occurred on California Avenue. Police say that no one was injured.

Todd Beam, 35, of Avalon, was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs on Jan. 14.

Traffic citations were issued to Donald Presutti, 71, of Avalon, on Jan. 16, after police say he was driving at high rate of speed through a school zone and failed to stop at a stop sign.

Police say no one was injured and neither vehicle needed to be towed in a two-vehicle accident near a fast food restaurant Ohio River Boulevard on Jan. 16.

Following a hit and run accident, Kaveh Bowie, 19, of Bellevue, was arrested on Jan. 18 for driving under the influence of a controlled substance and/or alcohol.