Avalon Library hosts adult STEM program

Adults who have been wondering exactly what their kids and grandkids have been up to in those school maker spaces can find out for themselves in a special adults-only STEM program at Avalon Library,. Pictured above, a participant in the first program got creative with Legos! Photo by Nancy Whyte for The Citizen


STEM, an acronym of the terms “science, technology, engineering and mathematics” is a current buzz word and a recent fad stressed in education. Attention is given to STEM because so much of society is said to depend on it, for example, in fields such as health care, manufacturing, construction and finance. Currently and in the foreseeable future, a majority of career fields will be populated by individuals who possess strong STEM-related skills.

Consequently, activities that encourage curiosity, examining, exploring, analyzing and making things are heavily emphasized. Often “play” involving blocks, Legos, Lincoln Logs are highlighted and “Maker Stations” are utilized to design and create any number of things.

STEM can be useful for adults as well.

The Avalon Public Library, 317 S. Home Ave., is hosting an adult STEM night, Tuesday, July 16, beginning at 6:30 p.m. The event is for adults only, and because these STEM-intrigued adults are permitted to bring their own bottles (which may contain alcohol), identification proving one is over 21 years old is required. The program is held in the downstairs conference room.

The first adult STEM night at the Avalon Library was held in June and was a successful and fun event enjoyed by all attendees. And yes, the adults built structures with blocks, designed Lego creations, constructed log cabins, experimented with circuits and batteries and more. They also chit-chatted and quenched their thirst – their thirst of knowledge, among other things.