Avalon infrastructure

Avalon’s new borough engineer gave an update on current infrastructure projects, and also assured officials at Tuesday’s regular council meeting that cost estimates for future projects are the minimum to pay for the work needed.

Engineer Kevin Brett told council that a problem regarding ther paving of Cherry Alley and the slope of the roadway had been resolved with the contractor, and the work should be completed soon. Snags in the repair of a sewer line near the swimming pool also have been cleared and the area should be paved soon.

Council president Josh Klicker asked about the plans and cost estimates for a couple projects that are on the horizon, specifically the sewer line along West Bellevue Station, and the stabilization of Semple Avenue.

“You’re giving us majestic plans” that are “out of touch with our pocketbook,” said council president Josh Klicker.

Brett said that no municipality wants to pay more than it has to in order to address infrastructure problems, and assured council that the plans he proposed are exactly what is needed to resolve the problems.

In the long run, he said, Band-aid repairs, while affordable at the time, will end up costing the borough more as they have to be done again and again. The West Bellevue Station project is an example of that, he said, as the project has failed multiple times because the proper repairs have not been done.

As to the cost, Brett said that the big projects can be done in phases over a number of years to lessen the impact on a borough’s budget.