Avalon first responders honored

Everyone knows that first responders -- police, firefighters, EMS -- regularly encounter situations most people hope to avoid. Tuesday, April 10, was a day of rollercoaster emotions for local police and firefighters. On the one hand, there was the rescue of a man and several dogs from a burning building, and the quick and efficient response of fire crews who saved the neighboring homes in the cramped environment of Marie Avenue in Avalon. They focused on their jobs knowing all the while that inside that house, already beyond rescue, were two longtime members of the community.

Avalon Council invited those first responders to its regular meeting one week later to acknowledge their courage, professionalism and sacrifice by adopting two resolutions, one for the volunteer firefighters who respond to emergencies not only on that day but every day of the year, and the other for the two police officers who ran into the smoke-filled first floor to rescue a mentally disabled man.

Pictured here are the members of the Avalon Volunteer Fire Company, with Chief Chuck Berie holding the certificate presented to them, and Mayor Tom Lloyd at rear. Lloyd also presented certificates to Avalon Police officers Craig Cannella and Tara Mang.