Avalon appointments

With the recent personnel changes in both elected and appointed officials in Avalon, the borough council took the first steps to fill in the vacancies at Tuesday’s regular council meeting.

Dave Haslett resigned as the borough’s mayor last month in order to accept a position as the head of the borough’s public works department. He was honored Tuesday with a resolution recognizing his 17 years as an elected official in Avalon, both as mayor and a member of council.

Council president Josh Klicker is currently filling the mayoral position until a new mayor is appointed next month. Council accepted the resignation of council vice president Ralph Cortese for personal and health reasons, then voted to have council member Tom Lloyd act as vice president, and as council president until Klicker returns to the position following the appointment of the new mayor. Council also approved a resolution honoring Cortese for his nine years of service on Avalon Council.

The vacant council seat in Avalon’s first ward is expected to be filled at council’s May 23 meeting, and letters of interest are now being accepted at the borough office.

Council also voted Tuesday to hire a new borough engineer, Lennon Smith Souleret Engineering.

Derek Jackson was named to the zoning hearing board.

Finally, council approved the hiring of two head lifeguards, 11 lifeguards, and eight concession stand attendants for the summer pool season.