Antelopes douse Flames’ early lead

Right off the bat: Northgate jumped out to an early lead against Avonworth with runs by Cam Kosack and Evan Helbling (pictured here), but saw it slip away by the fourth inning as the Antelopes pulled ahead for a 7-2 win. Photo by Tom Steiner for The Citizen


Avonworth and Northgate met on the baseball field last Tuesday to continue the lasting rivalry between the two schools. While Northgate was defeated 7-2, they will have another shot at the Antelopes when they meet up again later in the season.

The pitching for the two teams included Chris O'Malley and Brach Herzig for Avonworth and Xavier Rowsey for Northgate.

Northgate's two runs came early in the first inning with Evan Helbling and Cam Kosak each bringing in a run. The team took the lead early and didn't give it up until the fourth inning.

Avonworth's runs were more spaced out throughout the game. Eric Lippert scored in the first inning after Northgate took the lead, but that was the team's only run until later in the game. Lippert scored again for the team in the third and fourth innings, along with Cole Pappas, who scored on a triple by Lippert.

By this time in the game, the Antelopes had a 4-2 lead and then went on to score 3 more runs in the fifth and sixth innings to ensure the victory. Brandon Cerminara, Nathan Slenska, and Lippert were credited with scoring the last three runs.

Head coach Brandon Hogel for Northgate believes the rivalry definitely pumped up his team to play, even though they failed to deliver the hits that he would have wanted. "We couldn't get clutch hits with runners on base, while we gave up those hits to Avonworth."

Reflecting on what gave his team the confidence and spirit to win on Tuesday. Avonworth coach Phil Coffin said, "I would say the team meeting before the game had a lot to do with our attitude, but the rivalry certainly didn't hurt."

Although happy with the win, Coffin said that there is always room for improvement. "We are still leaving too many men on base, too many runners stranded in scoring position"

Avonworth and Northgate are now both halfway into their regular season schedules and will face off one more time on May 4 to show which team most improved upon their mistakes, including the common ground that both teams share in their obstacle of leaving runners on the bases.

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